The MAKERS4ALL Foundation

MAKERS4ALL is ontstaan bij het aanbreken van de COVID-19 pandemie, om de tekorten aan beschermingsmiddelen aan te vullen. Zo’n 300 MAKERS, verspreid over Nederland (en een aantal in België en Suriname), hebben met hun 3D-printers gezamenlijk >100.000 items gemaakt en gedoneerd aan zorg/hulpverleners, mensen in contactberoepen en risicogroepen.

Are you a health/care worker or do you work in a contact profession or are you in a risk group? 

Request Face-Shields, Earsaver Clips or Spacer Clips for masks, free of charge, via the REQUESTERS page.

Health/care workers:

hospital staff, general practitioners, midwives, dentists, speech therapists, physiotherapists / masseurs, pedicures, opticians, elderly care, care for the disabled / residential facilities, hospice, home care, neighborhood care, community nurses, informal care, maternity care, police, ambulance services, first aid workers, rehabilitation centers, other (para) medical professions.

Contact professions:

conductors, BOAs, bus drivers, taxi drivers, volunteers at food banks, shop staff, museum staff, catering staff, hairdressers, beauticians, tattoo (removal) artist, education, childcare, after school care, library, funeral services, other contact professions.

Nu er niet meer zo’n nood is aan beschermingsmiddelen, zijn we voortdurend op zoek naar nieuwe situaties waarin wij als MAKERS4ALL bij uitstek goed zouden kunnen helpen! Heb jij een idee? Stuur het dan in, via de ideeën-pagina.

We keep helping! As MAKERS4ALL foundation, we we will continue to work together and help where we are needed.

The MAKERS4ALL Foundation aims to :

Produce fast response solutions, using 3D-printing or other innovative (or innovatively applied) methods.
Offer these fast response solutions to those who requests our help, during crises, disasters, other calamities or shortages. 
Do what is necessary to facilitate or enable the before mentioned, in the broadest sense of the word.
The foundation does not aim to make a profit.

We work according to the following basic principles (New ideas have to comply with this) :

Open Source: designs we make, get a 'CC (Creative Commons- Attribution – Non Commercial – Share Alike) licence and designs we work with or modify must also have such a licence. 
Open Innovation: we exchange information and useful knowledge with the outside world. 
Non-Profit: we are a foundation and not-for-profit. Requesters can give us a donation to help cover costs that we incur.
Non-Certified: we cannot bear any liability for products that require certifications, so we can only collaborate on these types of products if we do not have final responsibility.
Non-Hazardous: we don't do anything that could harm the health of our MAKERS. We check for each situation whether it is responsible and whether special precautions or facilities are needed to make an item safe to produce. We make a decision based on that.

As a community, we have all kinds of possibilities and talents in-house:

Coming up with different ways to solve something. 
Thinking of different ways to realize/'make' the solution. 
Designing the solution (adapted to the way it is made).
Adapting the design to the individual requester: offering customized solutions that are not possible in mass production).
Making the solution.
Evaluating the solution and processing feedback (and adjusting the design).
Offering the solution nearby, due to the geographical spread of our MAKERS.

Are you a MAKER and do you want to join MAKERS4ALL ? Amazing!!!

On the MAKERS page, you will find everything you need to apply and get started (in a responsible way)!

We work with a step-by-step plan that is as simple as possible, explaining what you can make and how. After registration you will have access to an (anonymised) regional overview, showing you which requests have come in, in your area. You can then choose which one you want to take on.

Do you also want to contribute ideas, design, research other personal protective equipment, help coordinate supply and demand in your region, share knowledge of 3D-Printing, get help or just be part of a wonderful community? Then please tell us in the registration form. You will then be invited to the MAKERS4ALL Community Discord (a communication platform).