We can use your help 🙂

Spread across the country, all MAKERS, affiliated with MAKERS4ALL, are currently working on making protective equipment for people in care, assistance and contact professions. We go through our materials very quickly and are very happy with every contribution!!

The more we can MAKE, the more we can help!

The MAKERS4ALL MAKERS are currently 3D printing these braces for wounded Ukrainians.

Would you like to help us by donating? Great!!!

With your donation, you can 'adopt' one or more braces, depending on the amount you choose. Your donation will be spent entirely on 3D printing materials.

To give you an idea:

  • for €5 we can make 8 braces (2 of each type)
  • for €10 we can make 16 braces (4 of each type)
  • for €25 we can make 40 braces (10 of each type)
  • for €50 we can make 80 braces (20 of each type)

We work together with the 'Freedom for Ukraine' foundation, who make sure the braces are transported to where they are needed.

Scan the QRcode with you phone to donate an amount of your choice,

or use this link.

crop anonymous person showing donation box

Would you like to support us with a financial contribution? ♥ 

Would you like to make a Donation to help our MAKERS with the costs incurred? That would be very wonderful and welcome!

U can support us financially, by making a contribution via Account number NL23RABO0364622350 in the name of 'Stichting MAKERS4ALL' (MAKERS4ALL Foundation).

Would you like to donate materials or give us a discount? ♥ 

Are there other ways you want and can help us, such as donating (or providing a discount) the materials listed below? Fill in the form under the yellow button:

Do you have transparent protective sheets, filament, 3D-printer supplies or 3D-printers that you want to make available to us? That would be great!!

♥ Transparant protective sheets or Overhead Sheets

In addition to filament, we also like to have Transparent Protective Sheets or Overhead Sheets (we use these as a screen for the Face-Shields). Do you still have something at home, at the office or at school, donate it to us!!! 🙂 Note: The Overhead sheets for the inkjet printer are unfortunately not suitable.

♥ 3D-printer filament

We use up our 3D-print-filament really fast. Donations in the form of filament (only PLA, PLA +, PET or PETG), or discounts for MAKERS from MAKERS4ALL are very welcome!

♥ 3D printing supplies, 3D printers and parts

Throughout the country, the 3D-printers are running continuously, at the top of their abilities! This means that there are also parts that fail. Do you have parts in stock that you may want to donate on call, or can deliver extra quickly? Or do you want to give the MAKERS of MAKERS4ALL a discount on parts, with which you can quickly help them out?  

Many makers are eager for more capacity. Do you have 3D-printers that are not currently in use, or would you like to help us by donating a 3D-printer? That would be fantastic!   

We are very grateful for your contribution !!! ♥ On behalf of all MAKERS of MAKERS4ALL and all care workers we help, Thank you very much!!! 🙂