MAKERS4ALL ‘Earsaver Clip’

We have redesigned a Clip to which you can attach the rubber bands of a mouth mask.

As a result, the rubber bands are no longer positioned behind the ears, but are held together by the Clip on the back of the head.


  • Prevents pain and irritation behind the ears, when wearing a mouth mask for a long time.
  • Can provide a better/snugger fit to the contours of the face, because the rubber bands can be adjusted a little tighter.
  • The Clips are easy to clean and to reuse. (Instructions can be found at the bottom of the REQUESTERS page)
  • is delivered as a flat package. Can also be sent by (letter) post.

To meet the high demand, we make 2 models:

These models are similar in ease of use.

  • The wider model (first picture) can be created faster with a laser cutter.
  • The narrow model (second picture) can be 3D-printed faster.

You will receive the model that can be made by/ is in stock at the MAKER who handles your request.