MAKERS4ALL Face-Shield

The MAKERS4ALL community has redesigned a Face-Shield, based on feedback and expertise.

The design distinguishes itself on the following points:

  • Suitable for people who wear glasses/spectacles..
  • All parts are easy to clean and to reuse. (Instructions can be found at the bottom of the REQUESTERS page)
  • Is delivered as a flat package. Can also be sent by (letter) post.
  • The screen is a standard A4 transparent sheet (protective sheet, overhead sheet), available from the stationery store. Replacements can therefore easily be purchased and prepared by the requester, which reduces dependency and relieves the maker, also financially)!
  • Holes are made with a standard 4 hole punch (or 2x 2-hole, position 8: 8: 8), present in most organizations.
  • The screen can be easily attached or changed, without the use of tools.
Frame (Frame)
  • The frame is the only part that has to be 'made' by the MAKER.
  • The design is optimized for print time and the amount of material used.
  • Feedback from users is continuously incorporated into the design.
There are currently 2 variants, "Open" and "Closed", depending on preference:
  • The "Closed" version has a closed top, with minimal ventilation slots, to prevent fogging / condensation on the screen.
  • The "Open" variant has an open structure at the top, for optimal ventilation.

BEWARE: The Face-Shield is NOT a one-to-one replacement for a mouth mask. Both work differently. Depending on the usage situation, a Face-Shield may have to be worn in combination with a (specific type) mouth mask. Request information from your trade association.