MAKERS4ALL ‘Spacer Clip’

We have designed a clip to attach halfway down the inside of a mouth mask, creating a distance between your mouth and the mask.

Because the mask is 'kept at a distance', you don't 'suck it in' when you breath in and it doesn't move as much when you talk.


  • Enables you to breathe and talk easily and comfortably.
  • Can provide a better/snugger fit to the face, because the sides of the mask are positioned against the face.
  • Can prevent your glasses to fog up.
  • can help preventMaskné‘ (door masker veroorzaakte acné).
  • The Spacer Clips are easy to clean and to reuse. (Instructions can be found at the bottom of the REQUESTERS pagina)
  • Is delivered as a flat package. Can also be sent by (letter) post.

* FFP2 mondmaskers zijn normaliter voorgevormd, waardoor Spacer Clips niet nodig zijn / geen waarde toevoegen.

We make the Spacer Clips in 3 sizes.
To know which size you need, you need to measure the width of your mask:

The sizes we offer at the moment are:

  • 17.5 cm (this is the width of most disposable masks, like in the picture)
  • 21.5 cm
  • 25 cm