The driving force behind MAKERS4ALL

MAKERS4ALL is now a foundation! With that it has a legal form and a board, but the driving force behind MAKERS4ALL are the MAKERS and helpers!

More than 300 volunteers have already joined and together form the engine, the community and the great passion and energy that made this initiative grow so quickly into what it is today!

Together we have an enormous amount of qualities and strengths, with which we have already made and donated impressive amounts of protective equipment.

On the Statistics page, you can see what we together are (rightly) very proud of!! 🙂

Board of the MAKERS4ALL foundation

Dominique Kersten

MAKER, IT Infrastructure, Website

Sandra Dermišek

MAKER, Designer, Regional Coordinator

Willem van Prooijen

MAKER, Expert Infection prevention

Robbert Lievens
Board member

MAKER, Regional Coordinator