SU4SU goes NL4SU

As we mentioned in the previous news report, a humanitarian disaster is looming in Suriname as the number of corona infections increases every day. The Netherlands for Suriname is a fundraising campaign for SU4SU. On Wednesday 8 July from 8.30 pm, immediately after the 'NOS Journaal', watch 'Nederland voor Suriname' (you can still watch it, at "Uitzending gemist", via this link). A video was recorded about the relief action by the MAKERS of MAKERS4ALL, but due to a lack of time, that cannot be shown during the broadcast. It will be shared via social media!

Jörgen Raymann, Humberto Tan, Mildred Roethof, Glen Faria, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Gerda Havertong, Jeangu Macrooy, Yannick Hiwat, Tommie Christiaan, Kees van der Spek, Dwight Dissels and many other Dutch people want to offer help to badly affected Suriname with a benefit evening. "Nederland voor Suriname" is an initiative of Jörgen Raymann and Mildred Roethof (Human Nature Films) in collaboration with the NTR and is supported by the Red Cross.

Jörgen Raymann: “The current crisis is hitting the ordinary Surinamese particularly hard. The solidarity and special bond between the Netherlands and Suriname has existed for a long time and will continue to exist. Let's help each other.”