At this moment, we make the following items: 

MAKERS4ALL Face-Shield

The MAKERS4ALL community has redesigned a Face-Shield, based on feedback and expertise.

  • Suitable for people who wear glasses/spectacles.
  • All parts are easy to clean and reuse.
  • The screen is a standard A4 transparent sheet (protective sheet, overhead sheet), and can be easily changed (holes are made with a standard hole punch).

There are 2 variants, a "Closed" variant (as in the photo) and an "Open" variant, for more ventilation.

MAKERS4ALL Earsaver Clip

We have designed a clip that holds the bands of a mouth mask together on the back of the head, instead of behind the ears.

  • Prevents pain and irritation of the skin behind the ears, when wearing a mouth mask for a long time
  • Can provide a better/snugger fit to the contours of the face, because the rubber bands can be adjusted a little tighter.
  • The Earsaver Clips are easy to clean and reuse.

To meet the high demand, we make 2 models:

  • The wider model can be created faster with a laser cutter.
  • The narrow model can be 3D-printed faster.

They are equal in comfort and ease of use. You will receive the model that can be made/ is in stock by the MAKER handling your request.

MAKERS4ALL Spacer Clip

We have designed a clip to attach halfway down the inside of a mouth mask, creating a distance between your mouth and the mask.

  • Enables you to breathe and talk easily and comfortably.
  • Can provide a better/snugger fit to the face, because the sides of the mask are positioned against the face.
  • The Spacer Clips are easy to clean and reuse.

At the moment we make 3 sizes, based on the width of the mask:

17.5 cm

21.5 cm

25 cm

Measure your mask, to know which size you need.
Most disposable masks are 17.5 cm wide)